Due to last year's success and overwhelming community generosity, we have chosen to adopt a family through Lydia Place (http://lydiaplace.org/) once again.  We are, personally, so fortunate to be able to provide for our own family, although there have been times when that was harder than not, and give our children happy holidays filled with loving family and friends, tasty foods, and wonderful presents.   Sadly, there are many without the means and support systems to offer this to their children... sometimes ever and sometimes just during a rough patch.  I, truly, believe it is our duty as fellow humans to help when and where we can, and as a community, I know we can make this a very happy holiday for this particular family.  Please note, there are many other families (some smaller and some larger) still seeking adoption, as well! 

Our adopted family this year has three children, and here is their wish list... let's make it happen!

Family #13

Child #1

Boy Age: 4

Wish #1: Skateboard

Wish #2:

Wish #3: Cool night light

Wish #4: Adopters Choice


Child #2

Girl Age: 7

Wish #1:

Wish #2: Stuffed pony

Wish #3: Play-doh

Wish #4: Adopters Choice


Child #3

Boy Age: 10

Wish #1: Tablet

Wish #2: NA

Wish #3: NA

Wish #4: NA
Notes: Child would prefer one gift - tablet.

Gifts for Parent(s): Please include a $25 gift card from Walmart, Fred Meyer, Target (or other retailer) for the parent or parents in the family you have selected to adopt.

A note from this family: I am grateful that there are donors willing and able to help provide presents for children in need. Our family is close and like to do activities together like puzzles, play-doh, and Legos. We’ve never had much, but are grateful for what we have as well as the opportunity to make this holiday a little more special. This is what the kids told me they wanted, but of course anything is appreciated. Thank you!

If you are interested in donating, please email tessbsclummi@gmail.com, with the item you will be donating .  The list will be updated as presents are selected. All donations are due at the Cafe by Wednesday, December 14.  Please do not wrap any presents, as the parents wish to do this for their children.  Label each item with the Family Number and the Child Age and Gender.