'Tis the season for PIE! We all know pie tastes better when someone else makes it. No rolled-up sleeves, sweaty brows, or flour-dusted kitchens necessary when you let the Lummi Island Foundation for Education (L.I.F.E.) bakers lovingly craft your Thanksgiving pies! And, scientific research shows that baked goods benefiting our children at Beach School and on Lummi Island have less calories! Okay, that's a stretch but perhaps the positive feelings generated by your act of goodwill will balance any guilt in enjoying a second or third slice.

Back by popular demand, our baked-from-scratch options include:
Apple Crumble: $20; $23 gluten-free
Pumpkin: $20; $23 gluten-free
Pecan: $23; $26 gluten-free

Pie orders are due by Friday, Nov. 18, and will be available for pickup on the morning of Wednesday, Nov. 23 between 10am and noon. We're offering four ways to order: 1) At the Beach Store Cafe (ask for the pie board); 2) Call Erna Gregory at 758-4076, 3) Email Erna at lummigirl@msn.com, or 4) Private-message Erna on NextDoor. 

Thank you in advance for eating as much pie as is humanly possible in the name of our community’s children. The sacrifices we make...