Byland is an Indie Folk Music Project.
We love collaborating with other creatives and doing our part to care for the world.

We have been experimenting and exploring with our sound since December of 2013. Byland's constant two will always be Alie Renee, a powerful yet mesmerizing vocalist from the desert of Albuquerque and her husband, Jacob John, a hopeful lyricist and dreamer from the Pacific Northwest. Alie grew up listening to legends like Bob Dylan and Johnny Cash and learning from modern folk artists such as Brandi Carlile. Jake’s upbringing taught him to appreciate the lyrical genius and simplicity of Classic Country. 

Influenced by the desert, the mountains, and diverse backgrounds, Byland writes songs and collaborates with many talented musicians from all over. Music should always bring people together. They are currently performing throughout the Greater Seattle Area while they work on their first album, recorded at their home in Ravenna.