Add them all together, you have about a century of experience in music. Experience in entertaining, well -- there's even more. Ask them to repeat such past triumphs as Dressing Myself, I Put the Lid Down and of course, that timeless classic Peek-A-Boo.

Jim met Les in beautiful Bellingham, Washington when they were both asked to join an electric band that before long had the plug pulled. But they hit it off and continued to play together, finding they both liked a wide, eclectic assortment of music, styles and techniques. Meanwhile, June, living Out in the County (as we say) in Glacier, was an old friend of Jim's who loved to harmonize, and Jim kept urging Les to meet and sing with her.

Finally, a friend who knew all of them asked that they put together a set as a surprise for a big party in his wife's honor. They did, receiving a very enthusiastic response, as well as a lot of requests along the lines of, Where else do you guys play?

So now 3-oh has appeared in gigs all over Whatcom County as well as performing live on the radio. Their acoustic music features two guitars, the occasional banjo and ringing three-part harmonies. Their sets include a number of orignal songs and old favorites as well as obscure cover songs originating in the 1930s to today from all sorts of genres.