Multi-instrumentalists, David Vaughns and Holly Swanson bring their unique style to some of your favorite songs with their band Swanvaugn.  A duo born of the desire to carry lighter equipment to gigs; they play a mix of original songs, top 40s pop, the greatest hits from the 80’s and 90’s along with folk, country and oldies.  Songs are given engaging make-overs with Holly’s strong vocals, guitar, piano, harmonium and ukelele work, with danceable beats from David’s percussive prowess.

Holly and David both have a background in the Bellingham music scene- Holly having led a jazz trio for many years, and David working with Ferndale High School’s marching band.  Holly’s original album, “Love Tree” was release in 2012, and the two toured as part of HS band from 2011-2014.