we are currently featuring the ART of Lynn Young and jyl petersen



Jyl Peterson

Long-term resident of Lummi Island, owner of Deja View

Picture Framing, and a long-time painter in watercolors

and pastels, has recently acquired a passion for using

acrylics. She finds acrylics allow her to be spontaneous

with color and form lending to a sense of movement and

emotion in her painting. In her own words, “I’m an old lady

who insists on painting!”.

Contact Jyl at 360-380-0797


Lynn Young

Also a resident of Lummi Island, has recently returned to

an environment she loves and that inspires her to create

art. Known locally for her gourd designs, and previously

for her watercolors and pastels, has also recently acquired

a passion for acrylics. For her acrylics allow for the

exploration of spontaneous color. Using color in ways that

are not predictable (red trees, blue earth, yellow skies)

allows her to express the feelings and emotions present in

her when creating art.

Contact Lynn at 758-4227